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Did anyone take the NLN pre entrance examination this passed week at Kingsborough College?

Did anyone take the NLN pre entrance examination this passed week at Kingsborough College?

I took the exam Tuesday the 19th. I got a composite score of 157. I don't know when they'll send out notifications of acceptance. Good luck.

Hey, I just took it on the 21st at kbcc. I don't know when exactly they will send out acceptance letters but I heard it should be in two weeks. First, I thought studying for the exam would be the worst part then came the actual exam and now the waiting game. Its killing me. Good Luck!

I called the nursing department they are going on vacation she said the letters should go out 3rd week of July. This is torture! Does anyone have any idea how many people took the NLN? How did you guys do in Sci 25?

That's a long time and your right, it is torture. I did okay in Sci 25, I got a B.

Good Luck!!! i got an A in Sci 25 but NLN could be better 125. Mikey congrats on the 157 composite score!

Thanks Samantha. I got an A+ in Sci 25. From the dozen or so scores I have heard of from friends the avg NLN score was in the mid 120s some 130s. Though that's only a few people. July is gonna be a long month. Keep me updated and I'll post when and if I receive the letter.

Samantha and Mikey, you both did very well! I didn't do too well on my NLN, I received a 126. I have a pre req gpa of 3.4. I hope to get into the program but I'm prepared for the worse. One thing we have to keep in mind is that it's based on the group that took it at Kbcc and not everyone that receives an acceptance actually accepts the seat. There are many different factors that they consider during this process. Stay positive during this long torturous month. I'll keep you guys posted as well.

Hi there,

I'm a semester behind you guys but would really appreciate some advice. I just finished BIO 11, and will take BIO 12 in the fall. Am waiting to hear back from the nursing dept. for permission to take SCI 25. (I decided to take the summer off.)

--How hard is SCI 25 compared to BIO 11?

The reason I ask is because I'm considering transferring to City Tech for Spring 2013 because it's closer to where I live, and SCI 25 is not transferable to City Tech. Should I take SCI 25 just in case I end up staying at KBCC? Is it too much a waste of time and effort if I don't eventually get credit for it? I'd be more ready to take it if it wasn't too much work and helped prepare me for the NLN though. I didn't find BIO 11 *that* hard. What do you guys think?

-- Does each CUNY nursing school prefer their own students? What have you guys heard and have you applied to other schools too?

So glad to have found some fellow KBCC students!!

Hey Dorothy you should take Sci 25 at kingsborough its a great class its challenging but if you put the time in you will do great! Sci 25 also helps prepare students for the science portion of the NLN.


Sci 25 will definitely help prepare you for the NLN. Though you really can't compare the difficulty of Bio 11 and Sci 25; they are really 2 separate animals. If you have had little or no experience with physics or chemistry before then this course will be a challenge.

If you are seriously considering transferring to City Tech what I suggest is to register for Sci 25 and feel it out. If you believe that it is not worth your time there is a few week window where you can withdraw from it and not have it impact your GPA.

However, Sci 25 is probably the only preclinical nursing class that will have the majority of perspective nursing students in it so you might meet someone that will help with your decision easier whether to stay or not.

Whether or not the nursing dept prefers Kingsborough students over transfer I can't say. Even if they did I think they have a few hundred applicants from Kingsborough itself so you still have to do well in your courses. I have not applied to any other nursing programs as I am sure I will be accepted to this one.

Best of luck!

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