Job incentives for a new grad.. (NYC-specific).

  1. Hi all, I browse this forum a lot but never usually post.. until today, I have a question. I'm wondering if anyone could give advice when looking for a new job as a new grad nurse. I plan to work and live in NYC, at a hospital in the area of course, but am just overwhelmed by the options(I recently attended a career fair). Is it just best to contact each HR dept. of whatever hospital individually, or is there a better way? It gets especially confusing when you think about incentives... (i.e. sign-on bonuses, loan payback, paid grad school, etc.)

    Any advice is appreciated! :spin:
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    he hun you may want to check out the new york thread. if you look under the local tab and find ny state im sure you'll get more responses. this threat may be moved there anyway. good luck!
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    Thank you, Trendy.

    Thread moved to NY forum.

    Good luck, RUcon08!!
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    I am in your same position. I, too, went to a career fair in manhattan and am interviewing next month at 2 hospitals. After the fair, I went through all of the contact info I was given (bus. cards, pamphlets, etc.) and e-mailed thank you letters to the ones I was interested in. One contacted me right away, and one a few weeks after... I think just pursue them as much as possible and go through the names of the people you talked with. A lot of the hospital websites are good for benefits info. Haven't heard anything about sign-on bonuses, that would be great. Good luck, hope you have some success with it. Just curious, what area of nsg do you want to do?
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    Sorry for the late reply, just finished finals, moving, etc. I probably will be looking for critical care positions. I don't graduate until May, so it's not an urgent issue, just something I want to start preparing for so as not to be last minute about it. Just curious, which 2 hospitals are you interviewing at?
  7. by   NYpedsgal
    I am interviewing with Sloan-Kettering and NYP-Cornell, trying to do Peds.
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    Quote from NICUwannabe
    I am interviewing with Sloan-Kettering and NYP-Cornell, trying to do Peds.
    I'm a new graduate with no nursing experience and Sloan is my #1 choice. Just curious, how did you land an interview with Sloan-Kettering? How did you apply?

    Thank in advance!!!
  9. by   NYpedsgal
    I went to the Nursing Spectrum job fair in October and just talked to the recruiters.