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  1. Hello
    Did anyone go to the Nursing Spectrum job fair at Marriott Melville?
    I did go, and it seemed to be a good thing. A lot of the recruiters were impressed with my resume and some of them said they will be calling me, and to call them if I don't here from them by the end of next week. Hopefully I do here from them soon!! The recruiters at Winthrop Hospital were very nice, and recognized my resume, since I did apply online 2 weeks ago.

    Has anyone on here had good experiences and outcomes with job fairs?

    Does anyone work at Winthrop Hospital? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   DLRN
    Hello Michele,
    I was unable to attend that job fair,but I did attend one in which my nursing school had given,I recieved a few replies but nothing great.I am graduating on Sunday from a ADN program,I also had faxed over my resume to winthrop and recieved a call from them to schedule a appointment with the recruiter which I have not yet done,I'm kind of nervous though,for some reason I dont feel like I know anything from school,alot of my friends say it's normal,Winthrop has a good training program I heard,they are magnet status also.Well,good luck.
  4. by   BabyNurse513
    I worked as an extern at Winthrop one summer when I was in nursing school and I really enjoyed it. The nurses were great, they taught me so much and they seemed to really like it there.
  5. by   Nurse-Julie
    Hi BabyNurse513,

    When you worked at WUH were you on a adult floor? I'm hearing negative comments about certain floors at WUH and it is a concern to me. I received position offers at WUH and another hospital, there are some definite red flags that I am seeing about WUH. If you were on an adult unit then that would be a relief to me.

    Any response would be great! Thank you!

    Julie RN