Is LPN school as challenging as RN school(program)??

  1. What are the usual requirements? ( Gpa, prereqs, etc...)
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  3. by   ZASHAGALKA
    I've been to both.

    LPN schools are just as challenging, but in a different way. The biggest difference is time, and ultimately, money and opportunities.

    The LPN programs fit in didactic and clinicals in 1 yr, ADN/BSN fit those components into 2 yrs. So, you learn alot MORE, over a longer period of TIME in an RN program.

    And that translates to a difference in pay and opportunities. LPN/LVNs make, on average, 5 dollars an hour LESS than RNs. And, with hospitals trending to RN staffing, there is a shortage of RNs that equates to more finanical pressures to increase RN salaries over LPN. (Because less LPNs are being hired into hospitals, there is a relative less supply then demand for those positions.)

    In the past 3 yrs, I've seen huge 'market re-adjustment' raises for RNs that were not given to the LPNs (or rather, not in as large an amount.)
    For example, the last such 're-adjustment', RNs were given a 10% raise, LVNs, 3%.

  4. by   Palmo
    I have to one who is going thru. a bridge RN program...
    The RN is much more technical and as far as pay differences go,,,it seems to be about a $10/hr. difference around here...
  5. by   NYSNOWBUNNY007
    i am an LPN and the program to me was a lot more challenging than the RN program...I agree with an RN program you have a longer period to soak in the material...i dont know about other lpn programs but i know tha ti had ALOT of CLINICAL hands onexperience in a teaching hospital..pretty much felt as a n RN level Program...i guess it depends what school u attend im looking forward to start and rn program an a couple of years, they say its pretty smooth sailin once your an LPN in to an RN program but no program is easier than the other...same goes with the exams..their BOTH CHALLENGING...XOXO