Interview for NYU Residency-HELP?

  1. [font="comic sans ms"]i was just invited to interview in november with nyu for their nursing internship/residency which starts early december. the secretary could not give me much information towards the actual interviewing process. has anyone else interviewed for nyu med center? what should i expect and how will i know if they have further interest after i have my 1st interview with them? also, does anyone know the initial salary to expect & how they feel towards 2nd (really 3rd) career new grads/"older adults"?
    i would really appreciate any help/advise :bowingpur that is out there since i am extremely nervous about blowing the opportunity to go back home after 11 years, 10 months, 9days.... (but who's counting anyway :selfbonk: ).
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  3. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Hi! Can't believe you didn't get a single response. Time to bump this honey to the top of the list again!

    Glad to hear that you got a call for an internship as a 3rd career RN--and originally from New York (me too!) (Someplace I posted about not getting so much as a [hmmm] you very much when I applied for internships here in Dallas, outstanding credentials, but I am twice the age of the other applicants who are fresh out of school with no experience..... Oh well!)

    So, let's see if you get any responses, now that it's bumped back to the top of the list....
  4. by   wanna-be-nurse
    Hey Lori,

    Was just about to post a thread when I saw your thread. Small world Anyways, my friend, who is a physician assistant, recently got hired by NYU and what I do know is that their interview process is long and tedious. You will be called again for another interview if they are interested and perhaps for phone interview. He was happy with the pay and benefits they offered. Don't know if its the same for RN's but I'm assuming it is. I know you posted this back in November, so did you get it? On my way to post a thread on Lehman College and see if anyone in NYC been there, starting my clinicals in January.
    Best of Luck...or as some would say here in NYC, break a leg kid!