I need some guidance.... please

  1. Hi everyone... i am one of the new cats around here:spin:. I am 21 years old , live in the Bronx and i want to become and LPN... but monetary resources are kind of short. I was planning on acquiring some experience in this field becoming a CNA and them taking the EKG and PHLEB to bump into Nurse Tech... from then meet some people in the carrer field and hear the voice of experience for me to persue into LPN school...

    Does that sounds like the correct route to take . I need some feed back and guidance.

    Always thankfull

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  3. by   gt4everpn
    its really your call, but doing cna is a good start, then get your pn, here at allnurses there are plenty lpn, me being one of them, so we'll give u all the advice you need!! being an lpn is challenging work and so is nursing school! the pay is good! but it isn't anything that you cannot do! just press on and you'll get it, as far as finances, i know they can be really tight !! nrsg school and school in general can be expensive, but find yourself a nice community college, in the bronx, qns, manhtn and apply for financial aid and plan everything out!! good luck!!
  4. by   gt4everpn
    It's really your call but if you want do cna first, I personally would go straight to do LPN, but if doing the cna can help you build up some money then go to school for the PN, it'll help!! you can work part-time, per diem(whenever needed) as a cna, but its whatever you want. Look through the allnurses post and also ask questions here at allnurses to find encouragement to be an LPN, nrsg school and nrsg isnt easy but it's rewarding if you like it! the pay is also very good! Go to a community college! its cheaper! Good LUck!
  5. by   BetterMeRN
    I live in Brooklyn...I went to New Jersey to do my LPN...the school was fairly new when I started so they were eager to sign people up. They didn't have financial aid at the time so it cost me $13,000. What I did was I was going to a CUNY school I had taken some classes taken out a loan for $10,000 bucks. They split it up in two semesters. I saved that plus $3,000 more and paid for my LPN. You don't have to pay the loan back until you finish school (CUNY) or drop below half time. Towards the end of my LPN program they started writing me to pay back the loan cause I had not gone to the CUNY school after getting the second loan payment. So i started paying back $125 a month. When the LPN program was over I enrolled back in CUNY...now i'm taking courses towards my RN. Don't have to pay back the loan until I'm done. You can PM me if you need more info.