i need help with readmission (college of staten island)

  1. hello.
    i am currently a student in college of Staten island (CSI).
    GPA 3.2111. i got mostly Bs on prerequisites.
    during this semester, my close friend had passed away and even though i was suppose to take the nln test, i didn't felt like studying for it. yes, i know i should have focused. test score 100, i did really horrible on English (which is my second language). instead of going through with filling out the nursing form i decide not to do it.
    supposedly if i don't send physical form by certain day, i will not be accepted. i know i should go though with it to see, if i be lucky enough to get in. i just didn't feel like, i could go on with it. everything is passing me by so fast. i told my parents that i got rejected from the school.
    i want to sit down and do nothing. but my friends are telling me to stop being an idiot and do what i need to do. i could call the adviser but she wouldn't be back until, June 6.

    1)because i already have applied for admission before, would it be much more harder to get into nursing at CSI?
    2)i know i have to write a letter to head to department for readmission, any of you guys know what exactly am i suppose to write? (like format of the letter)
    3)or is it better for me to transfer out? i was thinking city tech (CUNY). if it is better for me to transfer out then, can you give me names of schools that are CUNY that i could go to b/c i am on financial aids. i don't think other schools accept financial aids.

    thank you for reading, sorry for any bad english.
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to NY Nursing Programs for more of a response.
  4. by   heri4477
    i am sorry. but i though the form that i wrote was at the ny nursing program?
    i am kind not sure what your talking about, can you be little more specific? sorry and thanks
  5. by   Inori
    @heri4477 - well you know what you need to do.

    Do you want to be a nurse? When do you want to start? Sep or wait till next year? schools usually only accept once a year a a few also in spring. Can you put personal matters aside and focus. You need to be able to focus, study and work your butt off and if you cannot do that then its best to wait a semester Nursing school is very competitive there are hundreds if not thousands of applicants who will be happy to take your seat. Also transfering to cuny is not any "easier" nor will teh GPA requirements be lower. Did you know my entering class's lowest GPA was a 3.89? Nursing is competitive starting from nursing school and if you dont have all your paper work completed by the due date then your application goes in the rejection pile. Some schools like mine only allow 2 applications attemps and then you're out.
  6. by   sbem10
    Ok...So first of all, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Secondly, were you in the program? then you failed out of it? or did you apply and didn't get accepted. If you applied and didn't get accepted, there is no need for a readmissions letter. that's only for the students that dropped or failed the nursing 110 course. Next semester, take the NLN again and be prepared, get your physical form in on time, whenever the date on the College of Staten Island - Department of Nursing says, your residency card has to be seen by an advisor and you have to apply online, on the same website. This is my second time going through this so I learned what needed to be done the first time. I'm taking the NLN on tuesday! (my second time, I got to CSI as well)

    good luck with everything! hope this helped
  7. by   V610
    I already went through Nursing 110 and know many people who were rejected, it does not matter how many times you apply - i suggest applying many times this way maybe once you will get lucky to get through. You don't have to write a letter of "re-admission" because you were never "admitted" to begin with - you must have had to fail out of the program to apply for re-admission. St. Vincents on staten island is a good alternative if you cannot get into CSI's program and they do give financial aid; or you can try Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC).
  8. by   heri4477
    i know it might be late to ask you questions but when i called the department and ask about letter(even though i was not accepted at 1st try) they weren't very clear about it. advisor told me that i probably should write a letter to the head. she sound unsure about my question. but you are telling me that it only apply to people who drop out that were accepted to nursing. advisor that i talk to wasn't clear and i don't want to look foolish when i send a letter to the head. (i don't even know what to write to her) i just wanted to confirm about the letter and thanks for sharing information with me.

    school told me that they don't have doctor or someone to fill out my physical form. i don't know if you know this but do you happen to know how long it well take to finish the physical form(get all the lab result)? hope you reply back and everything goes well in your study.
  9. by   sbem10
    if it's your first time applying, I'm 100% sure you don't have to write any kind of letter to the head of nursing. the school has a nurse available, no doctors. the medical form...take about 2 weeks to complete with the blood work and everything. I was accepted and started class this semester, I did not write a letter to anyone...you have to take the pre-reqs and once you're done with that, take the NLN exam....there are forms on the CSI website for nursing stuff, dates and all that. go on there and just follow what they ask for