Hudson Valley Community College--Has anyone gone there???

  1. Has anyone attended this school? Would you recommend it? 2-year waiting listt?
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  3. by   Gin Gin
    My first-hand experience w/ HVCC...great program. Very thorough + demanding. That said, the 30 or so recent graduates were from classes that were originally 175+ when they began. I know of two recent almost grads who missed by 1 and 2 points! 2 years of very hard work to not make it by 1 point....A very high drop out not even attempt this program if you intend to work or have other time consuming issues. Try Ellis/Samaritan/Memorial/Sage before you try HVCC....just my .02
  4. by   carrie42
    Attrition rates like that just don't sound reasonable!

    So you recommend Northeast health program's at Samaritan & Memorial. Do you know of anyone who's done these programs or Sage?
  5. by   Dionyonce
    Im sorry what Hudson are u guys talking about the one in jersey city...Hudson communty college...on 70 sip street..thats that has no valley included...
  6. by   Gin Gin
    Sorry for the delay in responding...and sorry, I have no idea about Jersey City, this is regarding Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY. I went from HVCC to Samaritan and loved Samaritan. Much smaller classes and a faculty that encourages you instead of looking for a way to get rid of you. That said, the program was demanding, no slouch in any decent program, I suppose. Once again, just my .02! Only know of 1 RN who went to Sage, supposedly good program but very expensive. I also know of a few who went to Ellis and were happy with that program...also found jobs w/ Ellis right out of school. As far as other Albany area schools, I know of a few who went to Maria College and they all strongly advised against that program. Good luck to you carrie42!
  7. by   bananabubbletea
    Gin Gin can you elaborate on why student's didn't like the Maria College program? They had a 90% NCLEX pass rate in '08. I am hoping to have a seat in their program for fall 2010 which is why I just wanted whatever information I could get from others. Thanks
  8. by   Gin Gin
    I'm not sure that I can help you with this one bananabubbletea....I don't have any first-hand knowledge of the Maria program, just have heard from co-workers who went to Maria. They said that they spent a lot of $ there and that they thought that there are better programs in the Albany area. What other schools are you considering?
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  9. by   carrie42
    Thanks for the response Gin Gin. I've heard similar not so good responses regarding Maria College. It's a shame about Hudson Valley, Troy, NY, but best to know ahead of time!!
  10. by   bananabubbletea
    Hi Gin Gin, I am looking into D'youville College in Buffalo, Daeman College in Amherst, and I am now researching ABSN programs. Unfortunately there is very little information on allnurses about all of these schools.
  11. by   StellaStar
    Hi GinGin,
    I am looking to go to either HVCC or Samaritan. If you don't mind me asking, what were the main differences between the 2 programs? Does Samaritan have the "dreaded" CPEs that I have heard associated with HVCC? Also - how are Samaritan's class schedules? I was leaning toward HVCC because the have evening programs but I have heard a lot of positive things about Samaritan.
  12. by   Gin Gin
    Hey Stella Star! In addition to what I've already posted, I would say the differences for me boiled down to this:
    1. Samaritan faculty truly care about you and your goal of becoming a nurse. Much smaller classes and close relationships with everyone, students,faculty & support staff all know one another. While there were very competent faculty at HVCC, there were much larger classes and a very impersonal feel to the whole program. If you don;t succeed, there are 1,000 other people waiting for your slot (this statement was actually stated by one faculty member to our class!). This might help to explain the 80+% attrition rate!
    2. Other differences:
    - On "Lab" days at HVCC, there were 6-7 of us standing around each bed trying to learn new hands-on skills; at Samaritan 1-2
    - registering for & paying for courses was always a nightmare at HVCC; long lines, indifferent staff, and you were lucky if you actaually got the class that you wanted and a correct tuition bill. At Samaritan, you knock on one office door and it was all done.
    - Though I went to the day program @ Samaritan, they have a night and weekend program; Another advantage over HVCC is that they start courses throughout the year (i.e., you don't have to wait a whole year until a certain class begins again like you have to at HVCC)
    - For what its worth, no CPE's @ Samaritan
    - No matter which program you decide upon, all of the pre-req's are taken at HVCC, so why don;t you take some of those to get a feel for the 2 school's?
    Good Luck StellaStar!
  13. by   bratt8781
    I am currently a student at HVCC, and many of us are not happy with the 'training' we are receiving. The skill exams are very difficult because we a re expected to learn most of them by reading and watching the dumb videos. There isn't enough lab time to go around for 200+ students. I am seriously considering applying to one of the hospital programs. Are there really no CPE's at Samaritan? Thanks!
  14. by   bratt8781
    I recommend that you go to Samaritan. I am an HVCC student right now and I will most likely be applying somewhere else. Most of the instructors are indifferent...they do not care if you do well and they aren't helpful. There isn't enough lab time to go around, and they expect more than what is necessary at this point. I have an A average for my tests and quizzes, but my lab skills are suffering, along with atleast 5 other people in my class of 30! The failure and drop out rate at HVCC is rediculous. Hope this helps!