1. Can anyone tell me which hospital is hiring new nurses. I need a job now. I have been trying since march and no one called me.
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  3. by   estrellaCR
    Since March only? I understand it seems like a long time esp since most are made to believe RN jobs are plentiful, however not in NYC area. Most new grads have to wait over 6 months to find first hospital job. In NYC there is No nursing shortage...so many new grads graduate each year...so the hiring is extremely slow. Try NYC HHC hospitals. I recently started at one of their hospitals and also know other new grads or recent grads with no hospital experience that were hired for a variety of units. My orientation group this month of 11 RNs was made up of 7 new grads from 2011 and 2012.
  4. by   gen_g06
    are they hiring foreign nurses?
  5. by   estrellaCR
    They only way for a foreign nurse to be hired at this time is if he or she goes through an agency. Jobs are scarce esp in NYC area so foreign nurses are not invested in unless a job agency sponsors them. I have a few coworkers that came from other countries 10 to 15 years ago however back then there was an actual 'nursing shortage' and still they came sponsored through a job agency. The job agency is responsible to find you a job. From your recent posts, I see that you already are going through an agency however the agency will only give you visa once you find your own job. You should find yourself another job agency as it appears your current job agency is not doing what they are supposed to which is to find you a job.
  6. by   gen_g06
    my agency is white glove care...they still communicate with me and keeps on saying to be patient since american nurses are prioritized in their affiliated agencies...however, there are still many nurses migrating there because they have job offer from their agency...
  7. by   estrellaCR
    You may need to try upstate New York or other states. NYC has a lot of applicants for not many jobs and US citizens get priority. You can easily get a job in another area of the United States or New York state, where there is really a shortage of nurses and not much competition for jobs. Ask your agency to connect your with their branch offices in other locations besides NYC.