Health and Hospitals Corporation paying for nursing school still?

  1. Hey everyone.
    Does anyone work for HHC (Health and Hospitals Corporation)? A few years back they were offering people full-time salaries and time off from work to go to nursing school full-time in exchange for 2 years after graduation. The employees only came to work when there was no school.
    I currently work for HHC but when I started I was ineligible for the program because I had not been there long enough. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if they are still offering it and If anything has changed (such as not getting full pay and such).
    I have been on leave since June of 2005 when I had my baby and I want to enter into an agreement like this with them because I am strapped for cash. I can't work full time because I would not make it.
    I have been trying to reach the Education Coordinator but she is never at her desk.
    If anyone has any info, please inform.
    BTW: HHC facilities are the city hospitals like Lincoln, Metropolitan, Harlem, etc.

    Thanks a mil.
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  3. by   chuck1234
    I think they still do....but you must ask the Human Resources to confirm it.
  4. by   girls1
    Thanks Chuck. I'm still waiting to hear from them.