Find a NLN or CCNE LPN school in New York

  1. Am moving to New York in the coming months but therefore I'd love to find a private nursing school but which is accredited by NLN or CCNE. It's seem to be difficult to find that, please help me with that. Not commucity college but a private school... Thank you
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Moved to NY State Nursing program forum to elicit further response. CCNE only credentials BSN or graduate nursing programs, this group does not credential practical nursing programs or professional nursing programs that award associates degrees or diplomas. ( American Association of Colleges of Nursing | About AACN )

    NLN will credential practical nursing and professional nursing program (associates, diploma, bachelor, masters, etc.) About NLNAC
  4. by   Rockylee
    My plan is to start as a LPN and then take the brigde program LPN to RN... I'd love to know if Mildred-elley's LPN program is a good school, and I'd love to know if it has good accreditation in the States of New York. Please provide any good information about this school or any other LPN school in New York. Thanks
  5. by   NYtoFLRN
    That doesn't make sense to do LPN first if your eventual goal is RN. Do you have any college experience? It would make more sense to do an Associates in Nursing program- that way you graduate as an RN and can begin working while doing an ADN-BSN bridge program. The LPN and ADN degrees take very similar amounts of time to complete.
  6. by   akanini
    Stay away from Mildred Elley in Manhattan. They will throw you in the Medical Assistant program. Try Nassau or Laguardia (Cuny) and go straight to an RN program. It's tough here now and you need a BSN so try to bypass LPN school if possible UNLESS you go through a college and your credits will transfer.