Do you live or work in Scarsdale, NY?

  1. I am a nursing student at the College of New Rochelle in NY and my fellow students and I are conducting a community assessment of Scarsdale, NY. If you live or work in Scarsdale would you be willing to answer 5 questions for us?

    1) What is your occupation?
    2) What are the positive features or strengths of this community?
    3) Can you think of any factors or problems that may affect the quality of life in this community?
    4) Are there any major health problems among the residents of this community?
    5) What are the needs of the people who live in this community?

    Thank you,
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    Hi im not from scarsdale but i did grow up in Westchester County..and from its reputation..It is a nice area...VERY's like another "chapaqua"...this area not to judge everyone who lives there but from the few encounters that i have had and from people who have actually had the opportunity to live there is that there are ALOT of snobby, wealthy individuals, many women in this area are "stay at home" moms...and forgive me on this one if there are "working" women out there which i am sure there is...but OVERALL..i believe the hospitals around there are White plains hospital . Westchester County Medical Center...its sad how many ppl in this area can be so ignorant...its Disgusting...the place is really nice...and many there are not too fond of minorities...we are looked down upon as to be "the Help" and thats all...I am Hispanic with a Jamaican Husband and proud to be a minority...y?..b/c education and opportunities are out there for EVERYONE..but once a minority reaches a certain level of superiority..there is a problem...i hate it, Im not a racist at all, I just wish ppl had more heart and look beyond the color of your skin or what your background is...LOL!...sorry had to vent it out..but yeah i really hope some one who is "down to earth" who DOES live in this area can answer some of your questions...Good Luck Luv...XoXo