CVPH Hospital in Plattsburgh, NY

  1. Does any one have any info on CVPH health care in Plattsburgh, Ny ? I am considering an RN position, and would like any info on the hospital, area to live ( I have children) or just any info would be appreciated. I am a new RN with only 6 months experience, I have been an LPN for 3 years, and I am having a difficult time finding full time employment. I have been contacted by a recruiter, and would just like any information.
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  3. by   RNzee
    I was wondering if you ended up pursuing the job at CVPH? If so what do you think about the work enviornment? Do you feel it was a good place to start as a new RN? I know its a very pretty part of upperstate NY but I've never been there long enough to really know the community. Have your family/kids been able to adjust well?

  4. by   Erikadawn RN
    Hi, I did not accept the position. I had just relocated back to Philly. I did not want to move my children again. I am now interested in pursuing the Plattsburgh, Ny move again. Planning on going for a visit in the near future.