CUNY: City Tech or Medgar Evers

  1. Im currently applying right now to start my pre-req over the summer. So far City Tech seems to have easier pre-req requirements (its only A&P1, math, eng, & psych) plus the Kaplan entrance exam. I want to try and get these done over the summer so that I can apply for Spring 2014.

    Anyone currently enrolled in either off these schools? Im currently leaning towards City Tech because of the easier requirements but also because Medgar Evers only starts their nursing programs during the fall.

    But on the other hand Medgar Evers is literally 5 blocks from my house, walking distance. (city tech is close by also but its 15/20 minutes by subway) I dont know which one to do.

    Part of me wants to edit my CUNY application to only City Tech because if I apply to both I may only get into one and then I HAVE to go there (because you are required to already have completed a semester BEFORE even applying)
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  3. by   COMPLEXBeautyy
    I would apply to as many cuny schools as you can.. I got accepted into Medgar Evers but then I saw the graduation rate and quickly reallocated! I'm going to attend LaGuardia and once my prereq's are completed I plan to apply to college of Mount St. Vincent and a few other private colleges. Don't put your eggs in one basket!
  4. by   AspiringNurseMW
    It's hard to differentiate the graduation rate from regular and nursing programs. I don't put stock in those numbers for community colleges because so many people go there to start off for one or two years and then transfer to a private school. Also Medgar Evers has a new expensive science center. I can't really afford to go anywhere else. I have a 2 year old am not going to put myself in debt again (I went to private college out of hs for 2 years and it wasn't worth it) one of my priorities is to graduate with little or no debt. And also because of my daughter I need a short short commute. So it's Medgar Evers or city tech for me. Acceptance into the school themselves are really easy but their nursing programs are very very very competitive /popular
  5. by   double_minority
    Well, seems like you're obviously liking City Tech more than MEC. Just asking, but is the only thing that is attracting you to MEC just the commute? Although I really must say that a 5 block commute in nyc, you just can't beat that!

    I am in City Tech completing my bachelors. I come with my ADN from another nyc college and haven't started the nursing core courses yet doing some real annoying pre-reqs first.

    Personally I will trust my nursing instincts, yes you do have them already! And go for City Tech!
  6. by   akanini
    I would pick City Tech over Medgar any day. Most people, including my mom, always have a hard time getting into ME's nursing program. But I would apply to BOTH to keep options open. Keep us posted and best of luck!
  7. by   AspiringNurseMW
    I can't apply to both nursing programs, I'd have to chose even for my pre requisites because you have to be a student there for at least a semester to even apply to the nursing program, you can't apply as a transfer, even from another nursing program
  8. by   AspiringNurseMW
    I mean even from another CUNY school not nursing program
  9. by   Evadney77
    I currently attend Medgar Evers, it's not really bad school. It is rampant with rumors and I think that's what give the school such a bad reputation. The nursing program is very competitive but I applied anyway, I have my interview next Friday and I'm excited. If I don't get in, I applied to 4 other schools.
  10. by   MoyBien
    Quote from Evadney77
    I currently attend Medgar Evers, it's not really bad school. It is rampant with rumors and I think that's what give the school such a bad reputation. The nursing program is very competitive but I applied anyway, I have my interview next Friday and I'm excited. If I don't get in, I applied to 4 other schools.
    I heard that if you an interview at mec, you're pretty much in. Just curious, where else did you apply to?
  11. by   AspiringNurseMW
    I actually hear the opposite about the nursing program. They accept less than 50% of their applicants and they have a competitive gpa. I will starting my pre requisites this summer but can only attend part time and have to take the fall semester off (I found out I'm pregnant and due in Nove). I figure I'll finish my pre requisites by next summer and maybe get in to the fall2014 program. If not I'll continue to take non nursing classes for another year so all I'd have left is classes with clinicals
  12. by   wanttoknow
    I tried out for the bsn @Medgar Evers College. The process is rigours. Instead I decided to get my ba in liberal studies and take the prereq's and apply for an accelerated BSN. The lowest grade you can have for your science classes is a b-. Try to maintain a 3.4 and better,and community service if you could. I advise anyone if they plan to take any professor to look that professor up and his reviews from other students. This is what determines if I would take the professor. Some prof think its their job to bust your ball, cause the are unhappy with themselves. If u can handle science classes being compacted for a month then go for it. Majority of the science professors in the summer is more lenient then fall and spring semsters. StUDY and more STUDY us on ur mind, if u think ur going to breeze thru then ur picking the wrong profession.
    More on Medgar Evers College Nursing Program- you can take classes does not guarantee your in the program. Be on top of your advisor, sometimes you will be taking unnecessary classes. Some ppl become bitter when they don't end up in the program and try to talk dwn on it because they could not get in. Think about it like this there's so many that want to get in because its cheaper then most schools but don't be fooled it is very competitive. If u want to be a nurse don't let Some obstacles stop u. u will be tested at times, dont give in. most ppl at medgar Evers take their prereqs for nursing @bmcc or city tech.. Ppl follow the easier professors.. Rate my is the way to go..
  13. by   wanttoknow
    You should look at the nclex results, that is what should determine if u want to go there for nursing.. The results are high.. Some ppl just go to college for some time and drop out for whatever reason, that should not stop u.. I was in a couple of classes with ppl waiting on their financial aid check, after their financial aid check they dropped all classes. Now financial caught on to the schemes and changed up their rules While some had other issues, it depends on the person and circumstances.
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  14. by   FutureRn1126
    What are the pre_reqs in MEC? I have no idea what classes you have to take inorder to get in.