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Anyone plan to attend in January or already a student? I have applied for January admission and was hoping to meet some other students. :wavey:... Read More

  1. by   mixyRN
    Quote from Nur777
    St. Joes has an excellent reputation for being the best in the region...I, along w/ so many others had done extensive research as well beforehand....they are definately, hands down question about it...
    You have your opinion as I have mine. Let's agree to disagree and lest you forget, this thread is titled "Crouse Hospital" so let's keep the discussion to the subject at hand. If you wish to tout the praises of your opinion of " hands down question about it..." school then perhaps you should start a thread of your own to discuss it.
    Thank you.
  2. by   Southern_87
    I am looking into applying to this school as well. They have excellent nclex pass results.
  3. by   mixyRN
    Quote from Southern_87
    I am looking into applying to this school as well. They have excellent nclex pass results.
    Statistical data on NCLEX pass rates for the 3 ADN programs in Syracuse from

    Crouse Hospital School of Nursing
    2010: 95.6%
    2009: 96.5%
    2008: 97.5%

    St. Josephs Hospital Health Center College of Nursing
    2010: 85.6%
    2009: 94.1%
    2008: 96.0%

    Onondaga Community College
    2010: 85.5%
    2009: 91.4%
    2008: 76.7%
  4. by   Southern_87
    Wow they are one of the best in New York state. Not even the "Almighty" Bsn nclex first time test takers are getting those scores. Lol!!!! I like also how they offer those extra non credit courses in different specialty areas extra clinical practice. Yeah!!!
  5. by   johnrankin
    HI. I'm starting at Crouse in Fall 2012. Pretty nervous. I'm trying to prepare ahead of time with books and uniforms. Im enrolled in NUR 110, NUC 110, NUL 110 and PSY 206. Does anyone know where I can find an up to date list of the books I'll need? I checked the Crouse textbook sight, but it only lists up to Summer 2012. I just dont want to get backed into a corner on buying books at the last minute. Also, Do I need to get my uniforms right away or can I wait unitl after orientation (August 15th-17th). Thanks.
  6. by   armygirlabn
    I am not sure about the test books, it should be listed already. But you have sometime before you will need your uniform.