Concordia College in Bronxville, NY Fall 2009 15mons Accelerated BSN Program Students

  1. Hello, I was just accepted into the Concordia College 15 month accelerated BSN program in Bronxville, NY for Fall 2009. I just found out yesterday and I'm looking for any students who were accepted as well? Also, anyone who graduated from the program last year who can give some feedback? I know this program is new and just began last fall so I'd like to hear some information on how the program is.
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  3. by   emmie1024
    Hello.... I too was just accepted to Concordia's accelerated program for the Fall of 09. Did you get your packet in the mail? I received a phone call, but I'm still waiting to get everything back. Did you apply anywhere else?
  4. by   donnasRN
    Hey, congrats on your acceptance! I got a phone call as well and I received my packet on Friday, mailed out my deposit on Saturday. The packet included a letter that said they needed the deposit by April 30th, a health assessment form that needs to be completed, and housing information. I applied to NYU, College of New Rochelle, and Pace. I'm going to stick with Concordia because it makes the most sense financially... The rest are way too expensive. What about you?
  5. by   emmie1024
    Sounds good! I have to get my deposit in today... I am still applying to NJCU and UMDNJ (apps are due May1st), because I live in New Jersey and it would be a lot closer to my house. But I was REALLY impressed with Concordia and I thought the campus and classrooms were really nice compared to some of the other places I've seen... so It is a top choice for me. Did you get anything in the mail about the tuition and/or financial aid packages they offer?
  6. by   donnasRN
    Oh cool, good luck with the other applications! Would you be commuting from Jersey? If so, how long would it take you? I'm going to be commuting from Putnam County, NY. I was really impressed with Concordia as well, and Dr. Susan Apold was so awesome. I didn't get anything in the mail about tuition or financial aid, but most of that information is on their website. I'm eager to get the class schedule!
  7. by   emmie1024
    Thank you! Yes... I would be commuting from New Jersey. It would take me about 45 min but that is not including traffic over the bridge, etc. I don't think I would want to live on campus or in westchester. I really enjoyed meeting with Dr. Apold too, she seemed very professional and knowledgeable. Did she tell you that the class schedule would be about 8am to 2 pm most days of the week, with one day being a late start/evening class? If thats the case, commuting wouldnt be so bad... but if we get out of class at like 5 or 6pm then the commuting would be impossible. I hope we get the class schedule soon! Keep me posted if you get anything!
  8. by   donnasRN
    Oh that commute isn't bad, it's about the same for me. I was thinking about dorming, but I've never dormed and can't imagine actually doing it haha. I'll deal with the driving, plus I have family/friends that live near the school so I can just stay with them if I'm too lazy to drive home haha or during the winter when the weather's bad. Wow, 8-2pm most days? I didn't ask, I assumed it was 8-5pm since that's what's written on their website. I can deal with a late start/evening class if the rest of the days are 8-2pm lol. I haven't gotten anything new yet, but I will definitely keep you posted if I do... Please do the same!
  9. by   emmie1024
    I know... it doesn't seem that bad... but I'm worried if the schedule is more like 8-5pm, it'll prob take me close to 2 hours to get home and over the bridge! I could have sworn she said the schedule was like 8am-2 most days, but don't hold me too it, lol. It would be really nice if that is the case though, as most schools are 8-6pm. I unfortunately don't have any family or friends in Westchester. I don't think I would want to dorm up there. I did that for a year when i was an undergrad. But I thought she said that they might be getting a house for nursing students and you could rent a room which would be a lot nicer than having a dorm room! The campus is really nice though! Also, did you hear anything about their accreditation? I believe she said they would officially be accredited nursing program in July. I know it's a new program, but I just want to make sure!
  10. by   donnasRN
    That commute would be insane for you! When do you hear back from the schools in Jersey? Do you think you'll still go to Concordia even if you find out you're accepted to the other schools? The information I received regarding housing stated it would be $750 per month, single rooms in a residency hall dedicated to nursing students only... Everyone shares one bathroom. I really liked the campus as well and it was easy to get to. This is probably a stupid question haha, but are you going to work while doing the program? I'm going to drop down to per diem at my job but I'm so nervous to not work full-time lol. I didn't hear anything about the accreditation but I'm sure they'll get it. They're a really good school and Dr. Susan Apold is great, I'm sure it won't be an issue. They should have it before we graduate. I wish we could find some students that are in the program now so we can get some feedback!
  11. by   emmie1024
    I know the commute would be unbearable if we got out of class at rush that is why i am hoping the class schedule is how she described it to me! That is a big factor in my decision, as I really do not want to dorm up there. My rent right now is cheaper than the dorm... and I will be leaving my job if I go full time. I work at a hospital now and there is noway i could do both! I'm sure they'll get their accredation very soon and I really hope it happens before we graduate! Do you know how many people they accepted? I know she told me that once the class was accepted she would put us on an email list with current students so we could ask them about the program and their experience. that would be REALLY helpful!
  12. by   donnasRN
    Yea I don't blame you. If we have 2 clinicals a week, I can't see them going past 2pm. I guess we'll find out soon! I received my email address, user name and password from them today in the mail. I work in a hospital as well, I'm going to try and pick up some per diem shifts while I'm in school but we'll see how the workload is lol. I'm not sure how many students they accepted, I know during my interview she said they don't accept more than 32 but she really wanted to keep it at around 20 like the first class. Yea, it would be really helpful if we could speak with current students, especially since the program is so new! But, it seems like a great program so far.
  13. by   donnasRN
    Did you go to the orientation yet? I went last night.
  14. by   kwanee
    Is Concordia College still accepting application for fall for the 15 months accelerated program? plz let me ASAP. Thanx