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  1. Hi everybody, I'm trying to take a CNA course so I can finally work in a hospital but I honestly do not know where to even begin looking. I've done some research but there is so much googling and also looked on facebook for reviews of places (it didn't get me very far because some places haven't really posted that they are still offering classes).

    I was hoping for some insight/recommendation on where I can possibly take a course. I live on Long Island in Nassau County so I would prefer somewhere in Nassau but I would consider Suffolk as well. My only reason why I would prefer Nassau is because of traffic however I will consider anything that works with my schedule since I am trying (currently taking pre-reqs) to go to school for nursing while working on top of that.
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    to a degree, yes it was helpful...i was considering their program but i was also curious if people took the course from there and if it's good.