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Hello, I'm looking for any cheap or free cna classes in Brooklyn or Manhattan. I know about BOCES and the Allen School, but they are both too expensive. The Visiting Nurse Service has one, but... Read More

  1. by   Cert2Fied

    Not sure if I can help you with this information. I just took my testing on 7/14/08 and passed!!!

    Okay so I took the course the the EOC (Educational Opportunity Center) out here in Long Island but they have a branch in the Bronx. (Though I'm not sure if they have the CNA course there) But if you're not far from Long Island, I would HIGHLY recommend my professor, Mrs. G! She IS THE BEST! She pushes you so much and I really appreciate her.
    And YES IT'S FREE. I'm glad I found out about this place because I couldn't see paying all that ridiculous amount of money. The course is about 8-9 weeks long.

    4 weeks in class
    2-3 weeks in clinical
    1 week in class to review

    And that next week or same week (depending when your testing is scheduled) you will have you written and clinical exams.


    Oh here's a link to the Bronx EOC.

    Just in case, here's the link to the EOC I went through.

    And there's a Queens EOC.

    I hope I've helped!
  2. by   latasha123
    hey i read your request for a cna course.
    This cna course is brooklyn and starts on
    april 5 the name of the training school is
    kareful and karefree look it up or call the
    school the #718 778-6120.can you give me the info
    to cna class for free durining the day thankyou..
    by the way the class is for a month during the day evening yes they do have
    and its for a month &two weeks..thanks get back to me soon....