Brooklyn Adult Learning Center-LPN

  1. I just became a certified CNA this week but I'm trying to get into a lpn program for sept 2013. I'm wondering if anyone went to this school (if so can you tell me a bit about the application process) or plan on applying this year. thanks
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  3. by   mzthang2260
    As far as I remember applications are given out during the first 2 weeks of December for the following fall class. Classes start only once a year. Right now applicants should be scheduling their pre entrance exam tests which the school will use to determine admission. So it is too late for fall 2013. But you should call to verify this information.
  4. by   RJay25
    I already paid for the CNET test and will be taking it on 2-10-13 was just looking for any feedback on this particular school. Thanks
  5. by   yupthischickanurse
    I took both test passed did the interview now just waiting to see if I got accepted in the program.
  6. by   ebinbrooklyn
    Did you do your CNA thru Adult Learning Center as well? Would love any info you have, I'm looking to do a program ASAP.
  7. by   CindyGRosario
    Me too, patiently waiting