BMCC Fall 2018

  1. BMCC FALL 2018 Kaplan Entrance Exam is the updated thread.
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  3. by   Nellie123
    Hi 2020RN2B I got a 70%. I thought I knew bio until today lol. The only section I found easy was math I don't know what I did in the others. My overall GPA is a 4.0 so I'm staying hopeful. for that phone call. Good luck.
  4. by   nursingsoon1997
    I did not do so good! My worst subject was English! I'm not happy to say this, but I got a 66% on the Kaplan. My gpa is a 3.8. My pre-reqs are A, A, A- and B+. I don't think I'll be getting in, but I do feel that you two will get in with those grades. Good luck to both of you! You deserve it
  5. by   2020RN2B
    @nellie123 - That science killed me! I went in there like "I cannot wait to get to this section." And once I got to it I was scratching my head all confused. LOL

    @nursingsoon1997 - Please, don't be discouraged. Remember, passing is 65. Good luck!
  6. by   Nursingtobe20
    Thank you. I just haven't really seen anyone post a low grade like mine. I know there's a chance I could get in, but I don't want to get my hopes up. (I'm nursingsoon1997 btw I just made the account but I chose to stick with this one now)
  7. by   Nursingtobe20
    A breakdown of each section.
    Math: 82%
    Reading: 73%
    Science: 60%
    English: 43%
  8. by   Nellie123
    @ Nursingtobe20 you have a very strong GPA so be hopeful I see where they say there's more seats in the day program than the evening so just remain hopeful. I'm staying hopeful as well cause my score is on the low side too. I wish you all the best.
  9. by   Krupinsk1
    I took the exam this morning May 30. My GPA is 3.93 and got 80% on the Kaplan. For me the Mat was the easiest and I got 95% on that which hopefully made up for the writing section (scored 54%) which was just ridiculous. I would have preferred writing an essay then this long passages with confusing questions.On reading and science I scored above 80% , don't remember the exact number . Hoping to get into the day program.
  10. by   Nellie123
    @ Krupinsk1 With a score like that and such strong GPA u will definitely get in. Keep us posted.
  11. by   2020RN2B
    You're def in @Krupinsk1! I'm offering my Congrats now haha
  12. by   RositaLPN
    I took the Kaplan on 5/31. I got an overall score of 79. My Reading and Math were in the high 80's. Science was 70 and writing was 71 I believe. I found the science was the most difficult. It was so broad- out there. I thought I would do so much better. I am not sure what I would do different as far as studying if I need to retake it.

    My GPA is 3.81 with A in all my sciences and English. I am applying for the evening RN program at BMCC.

    I've been praying that I get in.
    Is anyone already an LPN applying? I wonder if this is also favored when applying?
    I am anxious to get a phone call!!

    Good luck everyone!
  13. by   mikegonzo38
    Hey everyone, I got a 4.0 GPA and 71% Kaplan score. I called the nursing department and said that they would call mid-June, so I'm guessing it will be like last year's thread which was around June 13, 14, and 15. Hope we all get in.
  14. by   2020RN2B
    *biting nails until mid-June*

    I need to stay off of the site until then lol