Applying to BMCC, need advice

  1. Hello.
    I'm applying to nursing school in Borough of Manhattan Community College for fall 2007.
    I took all my pre-reqs in Bunker Hill community college in MA, but now we need to move to NY, Manhattan. My husband got a job that is very important for his career there. I'm very upset and broken by this fact . I know that it is not so easy to transfer from one school to another, especially in nursing.
    I have completed:
    College Writing I (Eng - 111) - 3 credits - A
    Prin Biology I/Lab (BIO - 101) - 4 credits - A
    Drug Calculation (NUR - 100) - 1 credit - A
    Anatony and Phys I/Lab (BIO-203) - 4 credits - A-
    Prin of Psychology (PSY - 101)- 3 credits - A-
    My total GPA - 3.86

    Also I'm a volunteer in Massachusetts General Hospital.

    How do you think, do I have a chance to get into the program???
    What should I do to increase my chances (besides improving my english)?

    Thank you
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  3. by   MagsRN2008
    hi there,

    i am currently enrolled at BMCC first semester. the GPA for the veninging program for this semester was 3.86, i don't know about the day program.
    the following courses are key requirements:

    Eng 101 3 credits
    PSY 101 3 credits
    MAT 104 3 credits (this is dosage calc)
    BIO 425 4 credits (this is A & P 1)

    your gpa will be calculated on these - if there are two people with the same gpa they will look at BIO 426, BIO 420 (micro) and PSY 240 (developmental) as well as ENG 201.

    Your best bet would be to visit the school and find out which credits can be transferred. then apply for spring 2007 to take the math course. BMCC also required you to take an extra semester after you finish the pre requisites if you are a transfer student - again you should find out.

    If you wish to enter the evening program you have to have the following courses completed: BIO 426, BIO 420, ENG 201, PSY 240 - i believe speech as well but i haven't taken that yet. When you visit the school go to the nursing dept - they are on the 7th floor - they will give you the best answers. BMCC is a good school but dealing with the bureaucracy can give you a real headache.

    also the evening program takes 40 students, the day programs has 80 in total - two groups.

    let me know if you need any other info, good luck!!
  4. by   Sparklet
    NYnursingstudent, thank you for your response. You are absolutly right about bureaucracy in BMCC, you gave me much more information than I got calling them. I sent them my application and transcript and now I'm just waiting for their verdict.
  5. by   MagsRN2008
    hi sparklet,

    if you have a change go to the actual school to see the status of your application, if you are there you can get a lot more done face to face. good luck, let me know if you need anything else.
  6. by   JWEMT
    What is the cutoff now adays
  7. by   MagsRN2008
    for the fall semester you had to apply between end of march - beginning of may. i fould out the first week of july. don't know about the spring semester.