Anyone else accepted to NYU?

  1. I am enrolling at NYU this fall. Will be taking prerequisites in the fall and starting the accelerated program in the Spring. Is anyone else attending this fall? I'm so thrilled to be admitted. I was all set to go to Hunter initially, but since I wasn't actually in the nursing program at Hunter yet, I didn't want to risk it. Plus, the Hunter administration really turned me off. NYU, on the other hand was nothing but pleasure to deal with.
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  3. by   jpena8
    i was unaware that you are allowed to apply to the accelerated program without having all pre-reqs completed or in progress. i may be wrong but please let me know. also if you can share your experience in the applying that would be great i want to apply for spring 2010 but still have some pre-reqs to take.
  4. by   jlan79
    Yes, they say on their website that you can apply without prerequisites. You will take all your prerequisites in one semester and then proceed to the accelerated program. I applied as a transfer student to the school of nursing, not into the accelerated program directly. It was pretty easy, I submitted all the documents and then got the decision in May and my financial aid letter 2 week afterwards. If you have any questions, ask them. The administration is very helpful and organized as far as I could see.
  5. by   AutumnLove
    Hi jlan79,
    I just posted a thread about something similar and found yours. I want to apply to NYU as a transfer student for Spring2010 also, but I want to know how difficult it is to be accepted?
    Can you tell me if you had a really high previous GPA or what your application process was like?
    I went to college years ago and my major was Business-not anything science related, and I pretty much dropped out because I hated that field. I don't remember my GPA but have requested my transcripts and will hopefully receive them soon.
    I am planning on attending NYU's Open House on October 5, I have spoken with a couple of people in the Admissions office and they seem very nice and helpful.
    It seems as though they look at more of your written essays and application than your actual previous academic performance? Is this true?
    I am really excited about going to Nursing School, and I really want to do everythig I can to get accepted but I want my expectations to be realistic so I would love any information you could tell me about your application/acceptance.
    Also-how is their Financial Aid service?
  6. by   jlan79

    My previous major was also Business and I had a 3.4GPA, so not that high. I'm not sure exactly what they look at. My essays were nothing major, I just spoke from the heart. I think the fact that there are a lot more spaces available than say in Hunter, the chances are a lot higher to be admitted. So I don't think it was that hard. Do make sure that you follow up with admissions to make sure they have all your documents. They kept asking for my transcript and I kept sending it, like 5 times. Turned out, they filed it according to my maiden name on the transcript, not my married name on application. Just giving you a heads up, if you're in a similar situation.

  7. by   AutumnLove
    Thanks so much-I will definitely follow up after I apply. I hope my GPA was somewhere near yours-unfortunately at the time I was in college before I was really not devoted or interested in my studies. Now, I wish I had known I wanted to be a Nurse but I can't turn back time.
    The very helpful woman with whom I spoke on the phone in the Admissions office informed me that they wanted a 3.0 GPA or higher for applicants and 2.7 or higher for transfer students, which to me seemed very low. (yet definitely more realistic to me considering my lack of academic aspiratons when I was young and stupid!)
    I figured they wanted the essays to show that the applicants genuinely want to help people and become a nurse.
    Was your previous college a reputable school?
    Also-did you have any pre-requisites in your prior education or are you taking them all at NYU?
  8. by   jlan79
    My first degree is from Binghamton University, which is very reputable as far as state schools go. I had statistics and developmental psych already, so I'm only taking 4 remaining prerequisites at NYU.
  9. by   AutumnLove
    Ok-thanks for the info-I guess I will learn more at the Open House.
    Good luck with your studies!
  10. by   elleNY
    Hi all, I will be at the open house too, although I'm applying for Fall 2010. For those that completed the transfer app for the 15-month accelerated (already have a degree), did you fill out the high school/SAT questions? Are these relevant if you already have a college degree? Im awaiting an answer to this from the school, just thought you all may have some insight..
  11. by   JessMunoz
    jlan79 - so if you don't have the pre-reqs you can do them ALL at NYU in one semester and apply for the accelerated program right away. It seems it would be very convenient to study the pre-reqs in a classroom setting at NYU. I don't like the idea of taking them elsewhere as I want NYU's accelerated BA program so was worried they would not be exactly what NYU wanted.

    I want to start the accelerated program fall 2010 - I'll be at the open house Oct 5th also
  12. by   elleNY
    Just to let you know if you're at all cost conscious, NYU accepts the pre-reqs from BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College), and they were so familiar with the courses there that they gave me the specific call numbers of which ones to take..I think this implies that taking the pre-reqs at a different, MUCH cheaper school would be adequate, although the one semester pre-req deal sounds pretty sweet. Whatever you choose, good luck!

  13. by   JessMunoz
    ElleNY - thanks for that! didn't realise you could do pre-reqs at NYU in one semester!

    Are you doing yours at BMCC?

    Also I got an email today saying NYU open evening is full and I can't get a reservation!
    Please stay in touch on here and let me know what went on there! I want to start fall 2010 like you, so anything you find out on the night would be useful to me.

  14. by   AutumnLove
    The Open House is full? When did you try to RSVP?