Any UK nurses working in NY?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking to move to and work in New York from July 2013 most likely. I currently work in London and have 6 years post qualifying experience - mainly in cardiothoracic critical care and most recently in peadiatric cardiac critical care at a well known London hospital. I would ideally like to continue in this field.... My partner is a medic and has a contract to go to in NY (initially a year) but I'm wondering how to go about working as a nurse?

    I've found out that I would need to pass the Nclex (which I can sit in London) and then the state exam?

    How would I go about applying for jobs/ visa etc? Is there any agencies I could contact?

    Thanks in advance, any information you could give me would be much appreciated.

    ANUK xx
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  3. by   XB9S
    There is quite a bit of information in the international forum, and I believe there is a wait of years to get a working visa. Do a search for retrogression and that will give you an idea of how is to work as an overseas nurse in the US.
  4. by   XB9S

    Here you go start here.
  5. by   anurseuk
    Oh Lovely thanks XB9S - there's a lot of information there... I will begin to sift through it when I don't have my nights shift head on I'm a bit shocked as to how difficult it seems to be for a UK nurse...
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Meeting requirements with CGFNS (CVS) will take on average 8 months then you get eligibilty to sit NCLEX as long as you have clinical and theory hours on your transcripts in Paeds, Mental Health, obstetrics and Adult. Then it is a case of finding a employer and in NY that may be hard. We have had many post already in NY and having difficulties finding employer and they do not require assistance with work/immigrant visa. Then as mentioned is retrogression and for that you are currently looking at 6+ years waiting for a immigrant visa which means many employers are not willing to wait therefore you can not join the queue. It is difficult for many International trained nurses but I see many UK nurses really struggling due to how the training is more specialised rather than general which is a US nurses training
  7. by   anurseuk
    Thanks silverdragon102 - do you think it would be easier to join a nursing agency as opposed to looking for a permanent full time job?

    I'm soon to be dual Adult and Paed trained (although I know it is a general qualification in US) but should cover experience bases as had a little maternity in initial training and have worked with dementia/autzimers in my time.
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Doesn't matter working with Elderly care in the past your transcripts has to show the clinical and theory element of all areas mentioned in my previous post. Going with an agency makes no difference or any easier, you still join the queue and have a long wait ahead of you. I don't think there are really any agencies in NY or most of the US that uses the H1b and you need BSN minimum for that, If you check out other forums especailly the General discussion forum and first year after licensure forum you will see many many nurses already in the US struggling for work. Even many agencies are struggling to find work as many hospitals are closing or working minimum to make ends meet