Any information of parker jewish nursing & rehab in new hyde park?

  1. I have an interview next week with Parker Jewish Institute in New Hyde Park for RN position. Anyone knows what the salary is for newly hired RNs? Benefits etc? also is it a part of Long Island Jewish hospital? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    I can tell you that I do not believe it is part of LIJ (now Northwell). I think it is still a private home. They have a decent pension plan and a good reputation. Not sure of starting salary but I bet they will be competitive. Best of luck to you!
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    Thank you. Its a large facility with 529 beds. I understood the working atmosphere is very comfortable and very diverse demographic. It seems just as I got my BSN am beginning to get calls. Got 3 calls for interviews today. The two others are hospitals. Thanks for the info.
  5. by   friendlyelse
    I got the job and start next week. I must say I am pleasantly surprised how big this place is. Yes the benefits are awesome. Union for RNs is NYSNA. I am on the night shift...the differential is 10% of whatever your base salary is depending on the position plus they give an extra 1000 for BSN. I will be getting close to $87,000. Since I plan on doing my Masters in gerontology, (or nursing management with a focus on adult population) I will probably stick around. There's a lot of opportunity for research there pertaining to aging adults.
    About the interview, I was very relaxed because the she was very pleasant. She did throw a number of questions at me. Initially she asked me how was my night and told her I worked. Then she asked how was it so I mentioned I had to send someone to the hospital because of chest pain....she said good the interview has just started. She used that opportunity to find out how I handled the situation. Also asked about abuse ...what is my knowledge of it. If I found another co-worker taking money from a patient's bag or a nurse stealing narcotics how would I handle those situations. She said she liked the way I answered all my questions. She then sent me to HR to do a pharmacology exam (it was not that easy). They said they will call me within a week. Got a call 1hr after I got home for an offer. Some people may think that's not enough money, but to me it is a lot and I am so thankful.
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    Congrats on your job offer! Do they hire new grads? I'm obtaining my adn right now and fear I won't be able to get a job anywhere. 87k is not bad at all! BTW I just finished my first clinical rotation and doing peds/med surg for the fall semester. Do you know if places will hire me as a CNA considering I completed my first clinical rotation? I would like to get some experience until I graduate next year. Congrats again!
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    You need a CNA certificate to be hired as one. I think they hire new grads but everything is online. You still have a way to go so stay focus on classes and passing the boards. Best of luck
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    I have an interview coming up at Parker Jewish. Crossing my Fingers!!!
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    Friendlyelse I have a question for you. Can you email
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    oops just saw this. Just inbox me
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    That's ok. I got the job. This website doesn't allow me to inbox anyone for some reason. I think you have to post a certain amount before it allows your to private message.
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    Hey, I applied to Parker Jewish for RN evening position. I am curious about how much do they pay new grad RN's with associates. I have experience in long term care as an LPN. This post was long time ago. How do you like working at Parker Jewish?
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    They pay pretty good work environment is terrible I waiting to finish out my resignation days after 6 months of working there!!!!