Any advice/info about NY hospitals?

  1. Hi there,

    I am a scottish nurse looking into moving to New York to live and work. I'd really appreciate any advise anyone could give me about which are the best hospitals to work in or areas to live in? I have never been to the USA before (though have travelled a fair bit and have worked in Oz) despite always having been drawn to the US. I have read with interest the thread about moving to NY being single and just starting out. thats kind of how I am feeling. I think NY looks like a vibrant exciting place and i guess manhatten is popular. Also I am not naive I have lived in london and other big cities and know they can be lonely places too.

    I am currently in a cardiothoracic speciality but have a pretty varied nursing background and am happy to work in wards or smaller units. Any kind of advice about which hospital any of you enjoyed working in or living areas a new girl like me would feel at home in would be so appreciated. Likewise any info on places to avoid. I do like living with a bit of hustle and bustle but I love a bit of green also and being able to dive into a park somewhere. maybe its all the greenary and mountains here in bonnie scotland!

    thanks in advance for any help
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  3. by   scott33
    Howzitgawwn Hen? (Haven’t said that in years)

    I’m not sure if you want to move to NY City, or NY State in general. There are big differences between the two.

    Anyway, have you started the immigration ball rolling yet? As you may have read with other posts, it can be a long and frustrating process, but there are resident experts here who can steer you in the right direction.

    Your impression of NY is not far off the mark. I live on Long Island and although I am just a humble nursing student (finish in July) I honestly get the feeling I am spoiled for choice for jobs when I am finished, such is the shortage out here. You will do well if you stick at it.

    I would suggest however, that you visit the place first though. Yes, NY is very similar to London, but very dissimilar to Scotland, The work ethic over here is…er… motivated to say the least, and your average New Yorker thinks that 10 days “vacation” a year is ample (wouldn't want anything to get in the way of a good days work) Also, Central Park isn’t exactly Oban if it’s lush greenery you want. I don’t mean to deter you; I just think you should experience it first, because when you come here to work, you will hit the ground running.

    So, here are a couple of links to some of the hospitals in NY (I heard somewhere we have over 600 of them). Hopefully it will give you an idea of the scale of things. Sorry I can't be of more help.

    All the best with your venture; I certainly recommend it over here. The pros definitely outweigh the cons (with the HUGE exception of housing prices…half a million $'s for something “modest” here on Long Island… Oh, and I haven’t found a decent pint of Cafreys yet).

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  4. by   bubbles30
    Hello Big Yin,

    Thanks so much for replying and giving me some advice. I really appreciate it. I have been spending quite a few hours trawling through the internet and this website has been very helpful. Thanks also for the websites you gave me to look at. When I first started looking at hospitals in New York I knew there was a lot but I didnt realise there were 600! Pretty daunting,man! That was partly why I started this thread here.

    I am only at the beginning of things really and am trying to do things on my own. I havent heard great things of the agencys that can help you over. I am not looking to immigrate just to experience living and working in the US for a wee while(though at least a couple of years). Your idea of coming over is probably a good idea I shall keep it in mind. I know I would enjoy it in New York and probably most places in the US. I have lived in many places and I know it will be nothing like Scotland but that is what I am looking for.

    I must admit I had heard about the holidays thing! What is that about? Over here we get about 4-6 weeks depending on things. I will definetly miss that but I am going over to make the most of things.

    what is it like on places like Statten/Long and Roosevelt island? Are they nice places to live I have heard the hospitals are pretty good there too.

    thanks again Scott

    I'll sink a Caffreys for you!

  5. by   liz1979
    Hello Bubbles

    I am still a nursing student so I can't really give you info on hospitals but I read your bit about how you like the greenery and still the hustle and bustle of a place and so wanted to recommend Park Slope in Brooklyn. I come from the UK originally (i've only been in the US 4 years) and lived in London while I did my first degree in American Studies :wink2: and Park Slope reminds me of Stoke Newington or Islington a little bit. Its only 10 or so minutes into Manhattan from here and they have two really nice hospitals - New York Methodist ( and Long Island College Hospital in the vicinity. The rents are highish but if you search you can get a good deal... there are nice pubs, bars and restaurants and a giant park nearby... anyhoo, I hope you find something you like... lemme know if you want any more info

  6. by   bubbles30
    Hi Liz,

    Thanks very much for replying to me and giving me some advice . Any insight into where people like yourself live and work is gratefully received! I appreciate you likening Park Slope in Brooklyn to Islington I can picture it a bit now. It does sound lovely and what I am looking for. I am still at the early stages of things at the mo but will now try to knuckle down and get things moving. I am looking forward to living in such a vibrant place like New York. Though I am expecting it to be a bit of a culture shock! I guess having gone to uni to do American Studies must have prepared you a bit. I imagine your nursing training has been a big change of direction for you? only guessing though.

    thanks again for your help and if you dont mind I might email you or send you a thread in the future to get some more advise. You might have some tips for me in the big move over from the UK. I know how stressful any move can be despite how organised anyone is! good luck in your nurse training!

    bye for now
  7. by   PamRNC

    Check this site for jobs. New York Presbyterian has housing (read apartments) available for some staff. If you want a place in Manhattan. Check other hospital websites as some may have positions posted.

    For general tourist info - which might give you an idea of how some areas compare to yuir bonnie Scotland, take a look at

    Best of luck with your search and your plans.
  8. by   bubbles30
    Hi Pam,

    thanks very much for the info and website addresses! i have found them really helpful. the more i look into things the more i am really looking forward to getting over there!

    all the best and thanks again

  9. by   liz1979
    thanks again for your help and if you dont mind I might email you or send you a thread in the future to get some more advise. You might have some tips for me in the big move over from the UK. I know how stressful any move can be despite how organised anyone is! good luck in your nurse training!

    bye for now

    Of course you can email me any time - I would be glad to help Hopefully, if I graduate in December I can give you more info on hospitals. But we'll see!
    Speak to you in the future, Liz