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Hello! I'm going to be applying to accelerated nursing programs (in NY) this fall, but I'm worried I won't be able to find a program that accepts me. Most of them require a 3.0 cumulative GPA and... Read More

  1. by   CeceStar5
    Hi there,

    So I was accepted into Monroe College in the Bronx. I was accepted into their LPN program. Started January 2012 and program ended in December 2012. Started Monoe College RN AAS program January 2013. Took the LPN (NCLEX) boards in March 2013 and passed. Worked as LPN per diem while finishing the RN program. RN program ended in December 2013. Took my boards in April 2014 and passed. At this time Monroe started their BSN program, It wasn't accredited so I was accepted to Downstate and got my bachelors. Although many would say why did you start from scratch, being that I had another Bachelors degree... I have no regrets. I was able to feel out whether or not I like nursing through the roles of being a LPN and RN. My advice to everyone reading this is... DONT let a low GPA discourage you from doing what you want to do. It may have took me longer to become a RN but I still reach my goal. Good Luck to everyone. You Can Do it!
  2. by   Jizzy34
    Nice, thank you for the encouragement
  3. by   jazminjfuertes
    Hey y'all,

    This discussion really helps. Just wanted to give my experience cause I'm literally in the same boat as y'all. My graduated GPA was 2.82 with a lot of the prereq classes done in my undergrad with Cs and Bs. After I graduated, I redid a lot of my prereqs and got almost all As. However, I couldn't change my cumulative GPA becdause I didn't retake my prereqs at the same college cause it was out of state and I retook them at my community college. I'm currently waiting to hear back from a bunch of schools but I just received my first acceptance from Touro College. They are a bit different where they require 2.75 gpa and no specific grade for prereqs but you do have to take this NLN exam. After they accept you, they consider the courses you took on your transcript and see where in the program they want to place you. I'm currently waiting for them to get back to my on how long the program will be for me.

    I'm still waiting for NJCU. I applied to New york and New Jersey programs. NJCU requires 2.8 gpa and small amount of prereqs. Also requires Hesi exam.