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New York jobs

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I am an Irish General Nursing student in my third year and I am interested in moving to the US (Particularly NY) when I graduate. I know I will have to pass the NCLEX and then find a hospital who will hire and back me for a visa, but has anyone here successfully completed this process? If so how difficult was it to get your visa and are there many jobs available in NY hospitals?




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I am a resident of NYC of 10 years and I am a pre-nursing student as of right now. I am also an older student (31) so I know the ropes. I have done an extensive research about nursing schools as well as what the RN job market looks/sounds like. I am going to be honest with you: NYC, like any other big metropolitan area, is highly saturated with new grads, former grads who are still looking and many more RNs with experience who are looking for a change of scenery. In short, landing a job at a hospital is very, very slim. Remember, you will compete with hundreds upon hundreds of RNS applying to the same position. As far as visa goes, I have no idea how that works. However, if all you need is a job, try to widen your search pool: consider nursing homes, doctor's offices etc. I do believe, though, the pay is much less that it is at hospitals. Current RNs can correct me if I am wrong.


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I second FutureNurseInfo

Avoid New York City!


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