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NEW Texas LVN -

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Hey everyone...:nurse:

I have some beginner questions. I just graduated and passed my boards in Febuary and I am looking for my first job. I live in Texas and LVNs can work in some hospitals and that is what I am shooting for. My plan is to return to school in the fall to persue my associates-RN with the college network, while working. I eventually want to work in Pediatrics or NICU.

My first question is: Is NICU part of L&D, Maternal Newborn nursing relm or pediatrics.

Second: My back ground is as a state certified Midwife and I don't know if that could hurt my resume or hinder it?

Do any of you have suggestions on how to start out....there are so many options... To say that I am feeling a little over whelmed is a gross understatement!

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Well congrats to passing your boards and welcome!

NICU is it's own realm. It's not considered peds. NICU is however often called to L&D to attend births for high risk or recesitation/transfers. It's a high level of acute newborn nursing. Usually the hospital is set up so the L&D, Maternal-Newborn, Nursery, and NICU are all in close proximity.

I would think that your midwife background could help you land a job in OB, but that would have to be a question for the employer. It's difficult to come by LVN jobs in OB or Peds especially if you have no prior nursing experience. Just search the hospital employment ads everyday and apply to every position you can. Try to just get your foot in the door in another department if you can't get into OB or Peds.

One more thing: do plenty of research on The College Network before you sign with them. They are merely a publishing company and do not award degrees. You can do the Excelsior College bridge program without signing up with College Network. There is a forum on all nurses devoted to distance learning, so check it out.

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I would think that any additional experience that you have will further you along in your career.

If you plan to get your RN soon, it will end up being through Excelsior College not College Network, they are just a publishing company that charges an insane amount of money to use their materials. I would check Ebay for the same materials and save yourself a whole lotta money. Also research TX BON and Excelsior College as there have been talks between them which may mean for the future that TX doesn't accept Excelsior.

Good Luck on your future endeavors!:yeah:

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