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This is my first time here. I am a nursing student in my sophomore year. any students around?


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:) Welcome Ronnie, This is a great place to be!

maire, ASN, RN

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Welcome! :)


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Thanks for your replies.Are you guys already nurses? How has it been.Do you like what you do?

manna, BSN, RN

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This is the student nurses forum - so yep, there's some lurking and posting about.

Looking at peoples signature lines sometimes helps figure whether they're in school, when they grad, etc. :)

I'm still working on my pre-reqs right now, but hoping to begin the junior year of a BSN program this summer (that is, if I get accepted)!

Welcome! :)


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Welcome Ronnie!! :) This is such a great place... lots of information, nice people to learn and gain support from.


MaryRose :balloons:


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This is a wonderful board - the people here are great sources of information, encouragement and shoulders to lean on during tough times. I've only been here a little over a month, but feel like I've "known" some of these people a while. Heck, until 3 days ago I hadn't even been accepted to an RN program, but I still felt very included!

I find it very helpful to search out the other boards also. I'd love to become an OR nurse, and have learned so much from going and reading the board for OR nurses. I'm sure once I get into clinicals, I'll find the other specialty boards to be helpful also.

I see you're a sophmore - are you going for a BSN?

Again, welcome! :)

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