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Did you guys hear anything about the new study that was done on Red heads relating to anesthesia? I caught the tail end of it on the morning news and was wondering if y'all knew anything about it.



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Here is our local coverage on it...I just popped in to see if anyone posted about it ;)

My DH is a red head :D


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here is the link to reuters.

red heads feel more pain

sounds legit to me, but will have to read the research in the future.



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Remember that correlation does not imply causation. It could be something as simple as a chromosonal linkage between the genes that determine red hair color, and those which regulate the production of substance P. Wouldn't it be neat if we could alter doses of medicine to match their individual genotype! This is one of the bright areas of genetic medicine.

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Roland, good point.

Pretty much all of the CRNAs who have >25 yrs experience said, B#llsh#t. Very doubtful. and ridiculous, in general. I haven't taken the time to review the entire study myself... cuz d/t whatever MAC that person needs is what they'll get, period.

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