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HI, i am new to this site, and i have an assignment to complete for my class. I was wondering, how exactly a listserve helps nurses, and if it benefits you at all to post on here. What are some of the pros and cons of this site. Thanks

Sarah Eich

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It really does benefit me to see what sort of experiences other nurses are having. For example, there is a thread that discusses what to do about assisting an obese visitor to the toilet-it made me think about what I would do in that situation and as a result, I will be asking my hospital administration about that scenario.

Sometimes there are situations that we run across as nurses and we are asking others for their opinion. Sometimes we have had a bad day and need to vent. Sometimes we have questions for each other. Sometimes we are comparing different hospital policies.

So in answer to your question, YES, this site is helpful.

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As a new nurse, it is great to use this site!! It is great to see how others would deal with issues, problems others are having, and a way to connect with other nurses. Nursing is a career where we must all work as a team, and use our heads together...this site gives us a way to get others' points of view, through out the world! Many people have their own opinions, and it helps to see how they would deal with situations. Cons, well that may be similar, sometimes there are too many opinions...and it sometimes it is hard to not speak in person, or in the instant messaging ways. However, it is great to find a place where you are supported as a nurse, and can get the help of others!! I love this site!! I just became a member of it, but always refered to the site, when I was searching for answers, and other ways of working with nursing issues!! :)

I love this site to vent - because only nurses really understand what we go through. :) This helps me continue on and hopefully have a long career in nursing. My family just gives me a blank stare if I start complaining.

I started here when I first thought about going to LPN school. The support of others that had been there and done that was so helpful to get me through the tough spots. Every phase from student LPN, LPN, student RN, RN and now student BSN is supported on this site.

It is great to ask a question about "what would you do?" We protect our license by acting as any other prudent nurse would do in the same situation. So having input by others help us protect our license.

This site is well run and has some wonderful members.

Cons - I can't think of any. Even the arguments are useful is learning to get along with each other. ;)

Thanks for you replys! they helped a lot :)

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