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New School Nurse


I am a LPN and this will be my first year being a school nurse. What should I expect or know? I know everyone's experience is different. But I would appreciate it if someone can give me some insight or advice.


NutmeggeRN, BSN

Specializes in kids. Has 25 years experience.

THere are already several posts...Welcome!!

iggywench, ADN, RN

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Welcome! I would start by knowing your state's immunization requirements and screening requirements, depending on the grade levels you will be working with. If you are part of a school district, try reaching out to another nurse in the district to find out if there is a handbook or an online site with forms, discussions, etc. I would also find out what your budget is, when you get budget money for the year, and where you are allowed to order from. When you can, go and see your clinic and familiarize yourself with the supplies that are available to you, as well as students with health conditions that you will need to be aware of. I hope your district is providing you with a mentor, or some sort of guidance. If not, feel free to ask all of your questions in this forum, and search old posts for information. We are a friendly, helpful group here.