new rules for canadian nurses

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i have a question....

Can someone explain to me what exactly I need to do to be able to work in California? (I am Canadian).

Do I need to write the NCLEX? I need the new Visa Screen?... how do I get a California license?....

Also a friend told me she is registering in Minnesota as it is cheaper but will then go and work in this possible??

I know you used to not have to write the NCLEX for California but has this changed??

Any info or links to good websited would be appreciated,





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as far as I know, you will have to write the NCLEX and pass it!

check out the california BON website for more info!


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You must have a Visa Screen Certificate to work in the US as a Canadian nurse. Throw out any old information that you heard, as it isn't in effect anymore.

In order to qualify for the Visa Screen Certificate, you must pass either CGFNS exam or NCLEX.

You need to apply to California Board of Nursing for licensure. Once your credentials have been accepted, then you will receive an ATT letter which will give you permission to write the NCLEX exam in any locale that you wish.

If you go for a license in another state, then plan on working in CA, you are still going to need to endorse to California. Why spend the extra money? for Visa Screen information and applications

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