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Hi everyone,

I moved to Houston from Pennsylvania after I graduated nursing school at PSU a few months ago. I passed my boards almost a month ago (licensed in TX) and have applied to probably 70 jobs since then. I have my ADN, and am 3 courses away from my BSN which I hope to be finished in May. I graduated with a 3.1...which isn't the absolute greatest, but it's not terrible. I also did an externship in critical care. I haven't heard anything from anywhere I applied. It would be nice to just be able to get an interview, because I feel like then I would actually be able to make myself stand out. It is discouraging, because I feel I worked hard to get here, and I want to start working badly. It seems like many hospitals here either want experienced RNs, or a BSN. Does anyone know of anywhere that hires new nurses without experience to positions other than internships/residencies in the Houston area? Everyone I've been in contact with tells me to apply to their internship or residency program (which I haven't had much luck with so far). New RNs/Grads, what did you do to get your job? Recruiters, what do you like to see? Any information/assistance is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!!

You may have to expand your Job Search to include areas other than hospitals. It is good, though, that you have moved on to work on your BSN while you are seeking a job. Be persistent.

Caliotter3, thanks for your response!

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New Grad programs (internships, residencies, etc) are usually filled by students that have had clinicals in the hospital because that is how they are designed . They are part of an understanding between the hospital and school - they help to solidify the partnership between the academic program and the hospital. This is not unique to Houston - it's the same all over the country.

I would advise concentrating on hospitals outside the med center as well as smaller suburban facilities. They are not likely to have an investment in a formal new grad program, so they are more flexible.

Thank you HouTx for your response! Now I understand why it's so hard to get into the New Grad programs as an "outsider". I've applied to some smaller hospitals in West and NW I'm hoping for the best there. They seem to have fewer applicants, and I certainly wouldn't mind working in a smaller facility.

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