new RN,, how do i start job hunt


hello everyone,, i recently passed NCLEX, and now, I feel overwhelmed about applying for Nursing Jobs,, i have no experience at all, during nursing school, i was working , paying my bills ,, and it was overwhelming,, i tried to apply for internship, didnt get accepted,, i need some help/tips/advice,, on where to start, how to start,, i have a resume completed,, any tips will be greatly appreciated,, :) I am located in north jersey/nyc area


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I would go online and put applications in to every job you see that you are " qualified" for. Some postings say this preferred or that preferred even though I think they mean required but oh well get your info. out there in the hands of as many people you can. Talk to your teachers, they may have leads or can put a good word in for you. Do not limit yourself to hospitals. Call LTC in the area and see if they have anything available. If they don't give them your info. anyway. I have been sending our resumes and what not since June. I have an interview scheduled for Monday and it's my first one. Things are tough here in Phil. Like they are in NY. I just keep sending my stuff in! Everywhere.