new RN...needs help from fully trained nurses..


just recently,i passed the NLE and i'm just wondering if ther are stages of trainings or seminars i can go to before i start working in the hospital..i'm aware that lung center and ansap have the different list of trainings here..but,are there hospitals or institutes that have trainings or seminars to enhance more my capabilities?:D

i just want to be more aware and responsible in handling patients specialy with regards to treatments to the patients..


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You can google, CCNAPI and PNA. They have seminars and trainings scheduled until June 2009


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Basic trainings that most hospitals in Manila requires (as what I noticed):

1. IV training

2. BLS training

However, as what the saying says, "The more the merrier".


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can somebody help me how to post a new thread here?thanks


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I'd say go for seminars that will really benefit you. Not just attend everything.. but try to decide what kind of nurse you wanted to be... Seminars that you'll be attending to wil depend on what kind of job you really prefer.


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get an IV therapy license from ANSAP (it is recognized here in the hospital I am working for) -- you just have to present it and you will get a standard issue IV therapy card from my hospital.. for other hospitals it is not recognized.. for some hospitals it is required (like in asian).. for some hospitals it is not required..

renew your BLS in PNRC

that's it for the moment..

spend more time in job hunting

(that's what I did)

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