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New RN to interview for Nurs Home where family member is



I'm a newly licensed RN (as of Nov 1) who is desperate to find work, so I've been applying at the hospitals, and anywhere else I can think of. I recently applied at a nursing home where my grandfather is a resident. He has Alzheimers and doesn't recognize any of his family members. I was called today for an interview for prn work, and I'm just wondering if I need to disclose the fact that my grandfather is there?? Is this a conflict of interest?

Thanks for your input :)

linearthinker, DNP, RN

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I'd mention it, but it would not be considered a conflict in my neck of the woods. I have taken care of my own family members in the critical care unit on multiple occasions.

Hospice Nurse LPN, BSN, RN

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I agree with linearthinker. I would be sure to mention it, but I don't think it would be a conflict of interest. Good luck with the interview!


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I would mention it, but you should be fine. I guess it would be at the discression of the facility, but where I work a few ppl I work with have family members there, either long term or rehab, some even work on the same floor.


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I would mention it, and also tell them that you are very satisfied with the care that your grandfather is receiving. It will make them happy to hear that you want to part of a team that is providing good care.


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Ive been in this position.When I interviewed for the job I mentioned that my grandmother was a resident. They didnt think anything of it and I landed the job. My Grandmother also had advanced Alzheimers and didnt know me. I worked there for 9 months before she passed away. The time I got to spend with her every weekend (part-time Baylor shift) and being able to contribute to her care was invaluable. Now that she's passed I still enjoy my job and being able to care for other peoples 'grandmas'. Good luck!


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At my hospital, we're not allowed to work on the same unit where a immediate family member is receiving care. When my daughter was on my unit during a prolonged hospitalization, I worked on our sister unit. So yes, I'd mention it. I like the idea of complimenting the facility and saying the care received made you want to work there. (if true)



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I was wondering the same thing. Im glad the answer is yes. Good luck