New RN Grad with 6 yrs LPN Experience - What's the Best Way to Become OB Nurse?


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Dear Nurse Beth,

I am a newly graduated RN from an associate's degree program in MA with 6 years of experience as a LPN and I'm trying to find out what steps I should take in order to become an OB nurse and hope to eventually work in a special care nursery. My past experience ranges from being a floor nurse at a SNF in which I did a lot of med-surgical tasks, being in a management position, and also visiting nursing.

I know that most OB floors want someone with medical surgical experience or a BSN however I have literally worked with so many sub-acute med-surg patients I just really want to move on into something new that I have a passion for.

The only things I have not done as a LPN in MA are things that were not within my scope of practice or working with patients on vents, other than that I have done a lot.

Any advice would be helpful, I am hoping to take my boards soon, and I am also starting school to get my BSN immediately afterwards. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!!

Dear Wants OB,


I will tell you that often hiring managers do not give weight to LPN experience when offering RN jobs. Some do, but know not to expect it.

So look at yourself as a new grad, without RN experience.

Depending on the job market in your area, I would apply to an RN residency program. From there, you can always transfer to OB when an opportunity arises.

Best wishes,