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OK, so I am almost done with all my pre-reqs and classes needed to get my BSN at Hampton University(minus the nursing part). I have 3 big hurdles to achieve before I can start my nursing program.....THESE are.... A&P 1 & 2, BIO 1 and 2, Micro and Pre-Cal 2. I have registered this fall for AP1 and Pre-Cal2. My goal is to start nursing school next fall (2010). My question i guess would be...... Would it be TOO much to do A/P 1, Bio 1 and Pre-cal 2 in the same semester??? The last 2 semesters i have been taking 12 credit hours each and have finished each with a 4.0. I work full time as a paramedic, but do not have any children. I really want to get all this science over with so i can start school. What do you guys think???? My plan would be AP 1, Bio 1 and Pre-cal 2 this fall, then AP2 and Bio 2 this spring, then Micro in the summer, then start nursing in the fall. would it be too much bio at once???



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It depends on your time management skills, honestly. If you have AMAZING time management skills and can fit everything into a schedule, go for it! If you don't...well, it might be beneficial to spread things out a little bit just for your sanity's sake.

Just one thing I wanted to point out - does your school allow you to apply for the Nursing School without having your prerequisites done? Make sure to look into how the applications are done.

If you already have, I apologize. xD I just have to have all my pre-reqs done before even applying at my school.

Everybody's different. If it were me....I wouldn't. For 1, my school requires biology before starting A&P and for 2, having gone through A&P 1 and 2...take the easiest classes with these. They're very hard classes and require a lot of time! I'm not sure how college biology is because I took biology in high school and didn't have to take it in college. But...biology isn't easy and neither is any math class IMO....yuck, I hate math, lol! Anyway.... it just depends on if YOU think you can handle it all. If so, then good luck to you!!!


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I took Microbiology, Physiology, and Statistics all in the same semester and got all A's. However, I was only working 10 hours a week which helped out alot. If I was working anything more than that, there's no way I would have made it through. Like you, I just wanted to get all my pre-reqs done so I could apply to nursing school asap. It's doable but it may be a slightly painful semester haha. I can laugh about it now that it's over :D

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