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New position in our Pediatric Primary Care office...

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I hope someone can shed some sunshine on this for me. :cool:

I've been a RN for a little over 2 years now. I was on a oncology unit for 10 months and have been in this very busy, high volume pediatric primary care office for 16mo since leaving the floor. Our pt population is made up of a good percentage of special needs kids. As one of 6 RNs in this office, my daily responsibilities include (but are not limited to) phone triage and phone follow-ups, outpt care/tx as ordered by the MD -i.e. meds,immunizations,pt teaching,minor procedures.

Within these duties a majority of the workload is pt/family education, helping get appropriate services set up (social work,homecare,insurance issue resolution, Rx overrides/approvals for svcs...)

Our Director recently received approval of a grant for a Case Management nurse for our practice. The grant is for 1 year and if it proves beneficial the practice will pick up the tab and continue to employ a CM.

My question is, how much different is "case management" from what I/we do now?

I know it would be different in the sense that it would be 1 person doing all of the coordinating of services (instead of all 6 of us). I have a great rapport with the MDs and CRNP and am very organized (i drive the rest of the nurses nuts:rolleyes: ) I enjoy being able to see things through, that I can help our pts get the svcs they need.

I guess my 2nd question would be: Is this something you (those experienced in CM) think I could do with my (lack of) experience on the floor?

I would like your opinion before I make any decision to approach my Director about the position.

I appreciate any and all input. Honest answers are the best.

Thank you very much!!!!!

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If you split the patient load up so the calling pt could as k for "their nurse" and the nurse assigned to that pt would know their history and concerns wouldn't that be just like case management?

Maybe this grant is just a good way to get another body to lighten the load for the rest of you. When they post the position they should have a better idea of what this person will be doing and you can decide if you want to apply.

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