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I just got my computer fixed, so I can post again! Now I am wondering how many of y'all are going to the ANN conference. I am going with 2 other staff RN's. I am so excited. I still can't believe that they let 3 of us off at the same time!

This will be the first time I have been on a plane since I was 15, so I am a little nervous.... :imbar We'll be there around 1100 on Wednesday and leave on Sunday AM... so hopefully we can also get in a little sightseeing and relaxing...

Anyone else????


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I have to be in Virginia, otherwise I'd be attending. Sure hope you have fun!!! Please let us know about it after you return!


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Hi! I live in the area, and wanted to tell you that if you need any suggestions for dining, etc., let me know and I can give you the skinny. I wish I was going to the conference, but unfortunately work won't allow it. Sad, isn't it? Ahhh, the missed opportunities. Oh, well. Enjoy the conference AND the city. Let me know how it was for you! ;>)

I wish! I am considering Vegas for next year.

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Me too!!!!!!!!!!! I just got my first official NN magazine, and as soon as I saw the dates for that conference next year, I started jumping on the bed!! My husband was...less enthusiastic. I would have to go without him, but that's fine by me! (I'm kidding!) He's going to be in school next September, but I think by then a couple of days in the city of Sin (is that what they call it, or is that just my wishful thinking?) would do me some good. ;>) I've already started saving. Okay, I dumped the change in the bottom of my purse into an old Coke bottle, but that counts, right?


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Any suggestions on dining would be appreciated... also what else is there to do in New Orleans. Anything really interesting going on now? We are staying at the Hyatt, and not renting a car, so that should be fun right... I've never even been in a taxi (OK you can tell I'm from the 'country' now)

Vegas next year sounds really cool--- and I don't even have a husband to object!

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If you email me with some directions, like, what kind of food you're interested in trying, or what kinds of things you're into (i.e., nightclubs, tours,etc.) I'd be happy to suggest some things.

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