New OR nurse, what books to get?

by SnowStar4 (Member)

I will be starting in the OR after I pass my NCLEX and would like to pick up a couple good reference books to read before I begin my job. I 've heard talk of an Alexander book. Can you please give me the title so I get the right one and any other books you think are good for me to get?



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Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery by Jane C. Rothrock PhD RN CNOR FAAN. The latest edition out is the 14th.


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Thank You.


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the 13th edition is supposed to be better and is much cheaper, i got mine for $16.


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JCI have a book "Safety in the Operating Room" It is well worth the money, easy to read with a wealth of useful information. You can order it online through Amason. I can't remember how much it cost and I paid in pounds. Google it.


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Join AORN an order the cnor study guide. Its expensive but is very well rounded and thorough. You would easily be able to pass cnor in two years using this also.