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New opportunity

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by rachelaleanRN2B rachelaleanRN2B (Member)

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I have an interview next week for an assistant nurse manager position. There will be two interviews, one with staff and one with managers. I never had an interview like this. I know I can do the job, but don't know what to expect in the interview. Any ideas?

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Here's what I think...

The interview w/ management will be like any othe that you've had, but they will ask you questions more pertinant to management.. how would you hand staff-staff conflict, staff-doctor conflics, and staff-management conflict. Maybe give you a scenario or two to see how strict that you will adhere to policy and procedure.

But - with the staff interview - expect alot of negativity and hard-pressed questions relating to you and you management skills, how you handle sick time, vacation time, filling in holes in schedule, sick relatives or kids, staffing ratio, will you help in a pinch, etc. Staff hates changes and new incoming management. They'll test you like a two year old.

Also, remember, assistant management is the first level to go in cutbacks. How long has that unit/institution used assistant managers. How long do they stick around, and why do they leave? Are you the first? Why? Is there a written job description, or "as determined, and to be determined by administartion?"

Food for thought.

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Just be yourself, when we have done peer interviews, we could always tell which new people did not belong. We hired them anyway and so far, none of them have worked out. Again, just be yourself and let them know that you can be a great team player and a hard worker like the rest of us.

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