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Hi Onc Nurses

How are all of you. I wanted to request any links or books that are recommended for oncology I think it will be helpful not only to me but to any one who comes to get information in this section

Would be nice if people listed helpful reading material for ONC nurses especially when they are new plus, links to sites that are helpful for review. Would be awesome to have it all in one thread.

Well thank you have a great week


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I cannot think of any exact titles but on the onc floor I worked on the prime group of hem/onc docs bought 2 medical onc books that helped me alot. Now at first I was overwhelmed as the material is very explaining of cellular changes but it helped me very much.

Are there any manuals on your floor of that nature? Lippinocott has nice onc materials.



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Tryout these web sites! :)

Oncology Nursing Society

National Institute of Health

And of course, there's"


Hope this is helpful! :)


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Thank you for the information...I start in Oncology/BMT (cross training, but will be working in BMT) Tuesday. Perfect timing!


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