New Nursing Job....So Hard to Come By???


I work at a hospital in Hattiesburg Mississippi. I have been here for about 8 months, this is my first nursing job. I got my license in May 2009. I love being a nurse, but I HATE where I work and I figured that out shortly after I started there. I have been looking for another place to work for the longest time and NOTHING! I have even just started to look at different fields just to get out. I think its sad. I've tried every other facility and hospital here and I do not really want to move. Anyone have any suggestions?

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"Anyone have any suggestions? "

Well, it seems as if you've explored all your possibilities. If you don't want to move and there are no nursing jobs in your area......

Plus, I hate to say this, but you are one of the luckier ones in this economy, no matter how much you hate your job. There are so many out--of-work nurses on this forum who would trade places with you in a second.

I know that doesn't make you feel any better about the job that you hate, but it's the current reality.

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Whatever you do don't come to the San Francisco Bay Area. I would love to be in your shoes. I miss practicing my craft so much. I came to nursing as a second career and put my family thru hell and near financial ruin to pursue my BSN.....and am sitting here with my newly minted RN spending hours a day putting applications nobody will ever read. Am very discouraged and wish I could trade with you.


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I suggest you hold on to your job darely untill you are 100% sure of getting another job. It is a difficult job market out there right now, I hope things turn around real soon. I have graduated in May 08 and pass my nclex Jan 09 Been looking for work since then,(NY) thank God I just found a new job doing home care, not the kind I was hoping for but I'm still thankful after knocking at so much different door, only to hear "You need atleast one experience". Hold on and keep your fingers cross..