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What do you think of a new graduate working in ICU?:confused:

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hi all well am new here am a new graduate nurse b4 8 months now but i prefer not to work and i went to higher studyes iam studayeing now physiotherapy :):) for Bs degree

about working a new nursing graduate in Icu it realy difucult bcoze ice need for prosfifinal nurses to work there and the new onw she is not able to take care of serouis cases this is my opinon :)

with i will be good enogh to particepate here with u all :)


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I have always been opposed to new grads in any crical care area. Too many new RN's get wrapped up in the machinery and technology of critical care. They often forget about the human connected to the machinery. Get some experience caring for the sick with out the aid of machines first. I think you wil be glad you did. Gary


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I think it depends on the hospital you work for. A small community hospital does not have the education/preceptor resourses for a new-grad nurse. However, a bigger teaching-type hospital probably has - hopefully has - a well organized educational and preceptorship ICU program.

When I worked at one of those bigger teaching hospitals, the educational and preceptorship program was top-notch. A lot of great MICU nurses who started out as new-grads came from this particular program.

Good luck!




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go to ICU...

i was a new grad, and it was the best decision i have ever made. i work at a great teaching hospital, with great preceptorships and classes. i disagree with the fact that all new grads care about is the machinery. to learn and know the need to learn and know about disease processes and your sick patients. i learned to look at the whole patient, and then the machinery....not the other way around, and so did the rest of my collegues. you learn more!!


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