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I am interested in asking you guys how many of you work at hospitals where they have interships for new nurses who just completed BSNs ? What size is your hospital, trauma level ? How do you feel about GNs working in ICU? What are the benefits (you get to train them the 'right way' before bad habits are learned, etc). If this is a sore subject for you, then please go off and tell me why you think it is a bad idea.

Have you guys worked as preceptors for the new nurses and what does that involve? If you do not want to be a preceptor, can you say no? Are you compensated ($$$$) for this additional responsibility?

Finally, if anyone is in the DFW area, would you let me know what hospitals offer interships to new nurses. I am very interested in ICU (and eventually CRNA school). I have looked into JPS and Harris-downtown - they offer internships... I was just wondering how difficult it is for new nurses to get into critical care if the hospital does not offer an intership.

Thanks for any and all replys.....Christine

suzanne4, RN

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You definitely only want to consider a hospital that has a full program for the

new graduate. The preparation you received in school, was only a small stone compared to the boulders that you will feel that you are up against.

You also want to pick a place that will give you the same preceptor throughout your training. You will feel more together that way...........

Good luck :balloons: I have never had a problem with a new nurse starting in any type of specialty unit. Just remember to keep your eyes and ears open and ask questions.. :)


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The critical care internship program I have been involved with was at Plaza. They have a very good CNS who run the internship and follows the trainees through their classroom work and later their unit preceptorships. They rotate through the 4 critical care units and at the end they pick which unit they would like to work.

In my experience it is a good program and the nurses who went through it enjoyed it and did well. A friend of mine just transfered to CVICU at Plaza and is enjoying it, learning a lot.

I have worked this area for over 20 yrs and I would not recommend trying to move into ICU as a new grad without a strong dedicated internship program such as the large hospitals offer here. Baylor and Harris has great programs too...and I've heard good things about them, i just don't know personally.

There were no internships when I learned ICU (back in the stone age) and did learn OJT...but I wouldn't recommend it today. The internships are a much better way to learn, and you have a dedicated program in place to assist you. Good luck! :)


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Try to get into the ICU internship at Parkland. They have many ICU's so you will have to select one. I went through the SICU and have never regreted it. Having said that, there are many other hospitals in the area that offer good internships.

Good luck!

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