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Hey all!

I am a new nurse that will be graduating with my BSN in early August and hopefully getting licensed by early September. I currently go to school in South Florida and am thinking about moving to Augusta, Ga to get my first nursing job. My boyfriend is in the military and is stationed in Fort Gordon.

I was wondering if anyone knows some good hospitals to apply to that accept new graduates?

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Jobs at Ft. Gordon/DDEAMC will be posted on as will the jobs at the VA center in Augusta, but the Government typically requires 1 year of experience. You might get lucky and find something there, though. Other hospitals:

Career Opportunities and Information

Jobs & Careers at Doctors Hospital of Augusta | Nursing & Medical Jobs | Augusta GA - Doctors Hospital of Augusta

Career Opportunities Augusta, Georgia (GA) - University Health Care System (looks like a Magnet hospital, your BSN will be helpful)

I'm not sure if they have new grad residencies, but you could probably peruse the sites and see if anything jumps out at you. Good luck in the remainder of your program and with the NCLEX! :)

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