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New Nurse

Hello, I'm new to the forum. I am 26, been an emergency room technician for 5 years, just graduated and passed the NCLEX a few days ago. Fortunate enough to have been offered a job in the same department I've grown to love. A little nervous to start practicing with a license, but mostly excited to be starting my dream career! Any advise is welcome and encouraged. Thank you for your time.


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Get your own malpractice insurance. Treat everyone with respect. Don't take anything personally while at the same time not being a doormat. Keep an open mind and be willing to jump in and learn new skills when presented with the opportunity.

NurseHeart&Soul, MSN

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Run toward experiences not away from them. This is your time to soak it all in, get as many opportunities as possible, see and do as many things as you can, and spend a lot of time critically thinking. Tell all your colleagues (lucky you that they know you already) that you would like to be part of any and all interesting cases, critical patients etc... Yes, there is a stepping stone of not caring for the critical patients that is often needed, but you'd much rather care for the sickest of the sick while on orientation than while on your own.

Ask a ton of questions. People in your environment will likely think you know more than you do. Being a tech and practicing as an RN are two completely different roles.

Buy a quality stethoscope and quality shoes.

Don't work yourself into the ground picking up overtime. Take care of yourself.

Learn policies and procedures. Know them or know where to find them rapidly.

Commit to lifelong learning. You will never know it all. You will make mistakes. Learn from them, grow, and pass it on.

I recently started a blog series about "5 Tips I Wish I Knew as a New Graduate Nurse".... Maybe there will be some tips that will help you! I invite you to follow along and share with your colleagues or other nursing students too.