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New Nurse Practitioner in Alabama - Licensing Questions

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Hi y'all - I just moved from Florida, where I attended a Nurse Practitioner Adult program. I have my RN in both Florida and Alabama currently. I took the AANP Adult last week, and passed.

However I am having trouble navigating the BON website regarding New Nurse Practitioner Licensing. I have started the "initial" application, however I am unable to submit or continue through the application because I don't have a protocol or protocol physician. How can I start applying for jobs that have the requirement of CRNP in Alabama, if I can't apply for the license?

In Florida, new Nurse Practitioners can apply initially, but must submit a protocol once they obtain a job. I am still learning the Alabama regulations, but it seems strange that all the job application I have found require licensure, but I can't apply for licensure without a protocol! What is a girl to do!??! Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.

I called the BON last week, and the assistant on the phone said "All I know is that when someone applies to be a Nurse Practitioner, they have a protocol." It did not seem she was super familiar with initial Nurse Practitioner applications. So I am hoping there are some Alabama NPs out there who can shed some light onto this situation!

My understanding is that you must first have a job in Alabama as a NP before the state will license you. I am in the same boat as you. I'm a native of Alabama but went to NP school in Florida. Florida makes it relatively simple to get a license. The State of Alabama wants you to have a job in hand with a set of protocols before you can get a license. As far as I know, this is the only state in the union that has this kind of red tape. Good luck.

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Yes, Alabama is firmly in the Stone Age with regard to midlevels. Pitiful, actually.

You are required to have a job with a collaborating doc on the table before you can submit your application.

And don't expect them to get in any hurry, either.

Yes, you must have a collaborating physician to apply or work as a college faculty to apply. Most of the physicians are aware of this and will hire you and help with the process of obtaining your license. The ABN will give you a temporary approval as well after submitting your license application. There is also the option to use the ABN standard advanced practice protocol when filling out your application.

What really hurts is that the board only meets once a month to go over new applications. If you are seeking hospital privileges most of the committees meet monthly as well. All this makes for a really long drawn out process.

Thank you everyone for your help! Greatly appreciated. Have interviews starting this week, so I guess I will see this process draw out first hand.


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